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Paypal Online Casino Lucky Ace Review by PayPal Casinos.Org.UK

Detailed review of paypal online casino Lucky Ace by PayPal Casinos.Org.UK

PayPal is a name that has become synonymous with online shopping. While its roots lie in the late nineties with the companies Confinity and, the merger of these companies in 2000 created PayPal as we know it today. The present incarnation of PayPal is more than just another way for people to pay for goods and services online. PayPal permeates cyberspace and is a brand that represents security and convenience for a lot of people. Online stores and service providers who display the PayPal logo inherently remove all questions about whether their site can be trusted. The PayPal brand immediately bestows credibility upon those entities that accept it as a primary form of payment.

PayPal is structured in a way that makes it seem like it was created specifically for the online gaming world. This is a fact that they recognized, and it didn’t take long for them to jump into the internet gaming world. For awhile they were the dominant form of payment for the online gaming industry. Customers of internet casinos liked the fact that they could handle deposits and withdrawals without having to hand over any sensitive financial information to a casino operator. Despite becoming a dominant force in internet gaming, PayPal suddenly stopped offering their services to online gaming industry. This hiatus lasted for three years, and now they have re-entered the internet gaming market, but their services are only available at the industry’s elite online gaming establishments.

Lucky Ace Casino is one of the online gaming sites that make PayPal available to their patrons as a deposit and withdrawal option. This adds just another layer of convenience to a site that already provided online gamers with ample reasons to play at their online casino.

First of all, Lucky Ace Casino is driven by software that is provided by the 888 Network of games. For those who are well versed in the industry, 888 has been around at least as long as PayPal, and is equally reputable. The double whammy of the 888 association and the use of PayPal as a primary service for deposits and withdrawals remove any questions new players may have about the security and credibility of the site.

While the above mentioned associations takes care of some of the intangibles about a site that occasionally give players pause, there are plenty of tangible reasons to visit as well. Those who visit this site, and make a deposit will find their first deposit is subject to a generous 100% matching bonus. This is good up to $200. This is just the beginning when it comes to the free money available on this site. Every week they sneak money into the online accounts of their most loyal patrons, for no other reason than to thank them for choosing Lucky Ace Casino. Players will also appreciate the creative promotions and the VIP club that offers a exclusive bonuses and activities as well as comp points and cashback opportunities.

The game play is second to none. Lucky Ace Casino is driven by some of the best software that the industry has to offer, and they make the best table games, video poker, and slots available to those who visit their site. In short if you can a game in a casino it is probably at Lucky Ace Casino as well. Add the dozens of video poker and slots, plus the progressive jackpots attached to more than half a dozen of them, and you have an online casino that is focused on the wants and needs of their customers.

Overall, the association with PayPal does nothing but make Lucky Ace Casino one of the industry’s top sites. While they have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and game play, this puts them on the leading edge of customer service as well.